The Political History of the World



The logical solution there for was for the English 200 colonization effort of their own. As mentioned above with the war over there was a sudden surplus of funds in England this is not to mention that with the war over there was now the manpower necessary for colonization efforts to be made. The end of the war also means that the English had the ability to branch out keep in mind that one of the consequences of the free Spanish Armada was that it prevented the English efforts to resupply their colony in Rohtak with the war over how over this concern has been completely mitigated. Economically the desire to colonize the Americas will grow quickly in the years following the end of the war. Shortly after the end of the war you begin to see the first joint stock companies for the specific purpose of colonizing the Americas for these companies are going to spring up with the stated intent of going to the Americas finding the abundant natural resources and sending them back to England hopefully for profit. 

Colonization was an expensive undertaking to say the least and this is going to help lead to the rise of the joint stock companies it was the company is simply a type of corporation were several investors come together pool their money in order to fund an expedition this has all these advantages over a single or otherwise small group of investors it was really expensive to start a colony and it’s always going to be a long term gain.

Well obviously everybody hope that the new company will be founded by the city of gold and copper the need is all within a couple weeks investors know that this is not a realistic expectation. And beyond that it was not a huge secret that establishing colonies was a task they came with considerable risk the English investors at a minimum would have been aware of earlier colonisation efforts at Roanoke and what happened there investors would have likely understood the profit was going to be slow in coming and knew that they should not expect a quick return. With this in mind in the emergence of the joint stock company makes sense the joint stock company is made up of a large group of investors which means that the risk is going to be more spread out.

It is for the colony is that by having more investors there’s going to be a far greater source of resources available which in turn gives the company a better chance at surviving. For the individual investor there was some real risk involved colonies have been lost previously in there was no promise that these colonies would survive however the hope was that this could be a long term investment and that if the colony did survive there would be a significant amount of profit on the other side. She is 1606 King James issued a royal charter for the formation of 2 joint stock companies these companies were the north Virginia company of London and the south Virginia company of London. The companies are given,nd to make habitation into that part of America commonly called Virginia.

The primary portion of our story is going to be on the south Virginia company of London however I wanted to just a brief detour and look at the north Virginia company of London first. The north Virginia company under the direction of Sir Fernando George just watch their expedition to North America on 5/31/1607. George himself did not actually traveled with the expedition but rather was an investor in handle much of the day to day work back in England. When they left the north Reggie company had 2 ships with about 120 men on board.

The colonists landed near the mouth of the Kennebec River in modern day Maine where they would found the popcorn colony with George problem is the colony leader. The primary issue that the colony initially faced was the time of year when it arrived when in late summer of 1607 there was not enough time to establish crops before the winter facing serious food shortages that December about half of the 120 colonists who originally landed decided that they had had enough fun for 1 day and went back to England.

Following the departure of half the con is a rivalry emerge for control colony between George Papa and Raleigh Gilbert with the colony divided into factions between the 2 met. Gilbert was the 25 year old son of Humphrey Gilbert and if the name of regular sounds familiar that is because we saw him briefly last episode however your part was the guy who being granted that pattern by Elizabeth way back in 1578 to establish a colony in North America and if you recall from that episode Gilbert was last seen in 1583 drowning somewhere off the coast of Newfoundland upon his data pad and that Gilbert had passed on down to Sir Walter rally and the result was the Roanoke colony. The rivalry between public Gilbert was short lived however because in early 2/16/08 George Papa himself would die which means the company falls into the control of Gilbert. In spring of 1608 it was discovered that the only financial backer of the colony Sir John Popham had died the previous summer and this cast doubt on whether or not the colony have the financial ability to survive.

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The Political History of the World