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However this is all going to become a moot point when in the late summer of 1608 Gilbert was that his older brother had also died. With the death of his older brother Gilbert had become the heir to a title and a large state in Devon England Gilbert decided that a title in a castle sounded a whole lot better than hanging out any longer and may. With nobody else really in a position to lead the Connie Gilbert along with the remaining 45 colonists decided to return to England in the summer of 160 wait that’s indeed the problem colony.

So why doesn’t anybody talk about the ill fated problem colony. Well there’s a couple reasons for this number one and most importantly the colony was really short lived it lasted just about a year. A micronutrients down the colony was nowhere near as devastated by death in fact there probably seems to be any doubts at all we know the problem died but behind him it’s really unclear if anybody else actually died over there well it’s not out of the questions that other colonies Disick come to the conditions there it certainly is not the widespread died that we see in Jamestown. Roanoke for its part disappeared completely without a trace which is always going to make it interesting the bottom colony decided that they had enough and they just went home which is hardly an exciting story.

The problem colony though was not without success in contrast to what we will see in Jamestown there was a level of cooperation and trade with the local Indian tribes. What is absent however are the stories of widespread warfare between the English settlers in the Indian tribes something that we are going to see become a reoccurring theme for our Jamestown settlers the problem quality would also build a ship the Virginia which prove that north American colonies could be used for shipbuilding.

Beyond that however there really isn’t much to talk about in regard to the problem colony the settlement was mostly forgot about in the exact size of the colony was lost for hundreds of years in 1994 the location of the colony was rediscovered and in the years since there has been excavation of that site remains of many of the original bill into now but under. With you know the problem colony came the functional into the north Virginia company of London is counterpart the south Virginia company of London is the group that we are going to now turn to it is this company that would build the settlement that will survive as they are the ones who are going to establish the colony Jamestown. So who were the first colonists most of the settlers could be organized into one of 2 camps the first camp is the gentleman who were looking for riches and some adventure.

The second class where people rented up from the streets of London by the time 1607 had rolled around wanted had long had a serious problem with homelessness and vagrancy. England had seen this rapid rise vagrancy and crime in the sixteenth century in estimated 80 percent of the English population lived in small country villages during the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Totals for the lower classes begin to arise when a policy known as enclosure began proliferating throughout the countryside. Enclosure is a policy whereby the aristocracy literally places offense on what used to be otherwise communal lands. By dividing the land into carefully delineated parcels it meant that there was more land available for full time farming and pasture. 

This land that is now being closed was often land that was used communally amongst the peasant classes when they very much depended on. When he was in close it became much easier to manage which meant that far fewer people could manage the livestock and crops where the air is stuck receipt this program proved to be largely successful the policy increase overall agricultural yield England and ultimately was reflected in the increased national wealth for England and it will include you was not a new policy it has been around since at least the twelfth century during the sixteenth and seventeenth century the policy really ramps up.

We’ll be enclosure policy was successful for both the aristocracy and for the country itself it was a catastrophe for the rural peasantry. It is estimated that between 1530 and 1630 as many as half of the rural peasants of England may have lost their lands of course will include enjoyed economic benefits they were suddenly left dealing with the serious problem of unemployment. Those who had lost their lads started roaming in search of any work or charity that they could find as historically has been the case most of these statements ended up making their way into the major cities my name was the biggest city of England and saw the largest number of people migrating there for work with an increase in poverty indignity came also an increase in crime for those who own property in England this is obviously a serious problem nobody wants to live in a city that sees increasing crime Edmonton is no exception.

The promoters for the new colony did an excellent job of tapping into these fears the colonies were a fantastic place to stay in the growing bigger population on the one hand for the person seeking work the New World offered a place where they could find work along with typically fake promises of prosperity. This policy would prove to work well both during the attempt to colonize Roanoke as well as a later attempt to colonize Jamestown this means that from a practical standpoint a large number of those traveling to Jamestown where these people from the streets of London and what 1 would think that these people had been displaced off their lands and would have knowledge of farming that didn’t always proved to be the case remember that enclosures have been going on for a long time and that by 1607 many of the veterans who went to Virginia had never spent a single day of their lives on a farm.

The other group making their way to Jamestown where the gentleman class looking for big profits and maybe even a little bit of adventure. The gentleman population crossing the Atlantic had one main thing on their mind and that’s profit. During the seventeenth century wealth was the kind of thing that kept me from having to do any manual labor of the route so these men from this class and hope to come over assume leadership positions tempo in profits the gentleman were made up largely of the second sons of the aristocracy a second son is essentially that second son in line who was not going to inherit the biggest state therefore paying around in England maybe not as exciting for them looking over across the Atlantic at the New World they had a chance to own their own estate and make a mark for themselves the problem with all of this is that of the entire group making their way across the Atlantic to Virginia hardly anybody had any experience in you know how to actually set up or maintain agriculture you have the wealthy coming over who have probably never even seen a farm as well as vigorous from the streets of London who will begin skilled in the art of beat and steal it.

This means out of the 2 classes of people coming to Jamestown you’re left with 2 basic motivations for the wealthy group the only thing on their mind was profit what they saw was a land full of opportunities that simply were not available to them back home in England the other group the vagrants son North America as a place where they could start again.

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The Political History of the World