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For a group that had so long been looking for work the colonies had just that this is of course for the veterans who had much say at all in whether or not they were going to go to Virginia in the first place. In 12/16/06 3 ships the Susan constant Godspeed and the discovery along with 105 settlers and a crew of 39 left England in route to Virginia those aboard the ships were a mixture of roughly 54 gentlemen with the remainder being a mixture of artisans emigrants without much question the most famous name on the ships today is the 27 year old John Smith.

ohn Smith was by the time he left for James town in experience soldier. Smith by all accounts had lived a difficult life in the 5090 Smith had been an apprentice to a merchant in the town of king’s Lynn in Lincoln shire. Following his father’s death the young Smith decided that a life of a merchant simply was not for him he ran away and became a mercenary. During this period Smith will get his first taste of actual combat. Widening the Anglo Spanish war both with the English and with the Dutch after fighting against filled the second Smith moved on enjoy the Austrian army where he fought against the Muslim Turks and hungry.

During his time fighting with the Austrians Smith was captured and taken prisoner Smith was present words taken Slavin venoms of working on a farm in tart cherry. Smith would manage to escape from his servitude still his master’s course in the process Smith then makes his way to Russia from where he was able to get all the way back to Europe and finally returned to England. Upon returning to England John Smith earned an honorable discharge from the army having now become captain John Smith he came back to England that was becoming increasingly interested in Virginia Smith by this point had also been noticed by members of the new lending company. Smith had seen so much of Europe it has been so much time in the field he was seen as an invaluable member of that company. A minimal investment Smith was invited to become one of the 7 council members. 

The journey across the Atlantic for the settlers was not exactly a pleasure cruise for the settlers on board the ship person through the carribean where the first settlers would die while on a hunt. After 3 weeks of island hopping the trip up to the Chesapeake was mate arriving on April 26607 it had been nearly 4 months since the colonists had left England. Smith himself had not taken the journey well and upon landing in Virginia was not actually allowed to leave the ship. During the journey Smith become accused of insubordination and was forced to remain on board the ship when it landed it’s going to be nearly a month before John Smith is going to even be allowed to walk off the boat. Making money between Cape Henry Cape Charles the Kanas ran into their first potential problem existed the everywhere the leading was made was densely populated with local Indian tribes the powder people dominated the area and would prove to be a major problem for the colonists throughout their first decade in North America. 

Under the,nd of the chief palette this group of natives contained at least 14000 people and possibly as many as 24000 for this week all you need to know is that the area where the colonists landed was densely inhabited by the power to tribes next week I’m going to jump into who these tribes were in cover much more in depth about their early relationship with the English so if you want a proper introduction to the powder tribes come back next week. Now this is always been the case with real estate location is everything. 

The settlers have been given very specific instructions of where they should look to settle. First there was still some lingering concerns over the Spanish threat to the south well the English Spanish war was over the English felt it important to find a location that was defensible against possible Spanish attack. This makes sense the Spanish remain the dominant empire in the Americas and they had never seen terribly keen on other nations coming in and suddenly remember those French Huguenots from the last episode the ones who established a small colony near Jacksonville the ones that the Spanish slaughtered the English would have wanted to avoid a similar outcome so it was important to make sure that the spot they chose had good defenses. 

At the same time Welt forming was key for these companies to survive it is also equally important supplies be easy to move. Early on in the colony the settlers are going to want things to be as easy as possible for the English ships to come and resupply the estimates for the colony can become more successful it is going to be important at that point easily export their goods back to England therefore the English made the research is clear that the site was going to require a good harbor that made for easy landing. What is going on with an island on the northern side of the James River the island was made up of an area with high March grasses while the other half was largely forced the island included a large area of swamp and marshland which would then empty into the James.

Yeah herein lies the problem with this new home for settlers let’s say that you are looking to buy a new house after much searching you come across the perfect house it has everything you want and you can check off all of your requirements but then before you buy it you notice that the rest of the neighborhood is totally abandoned seriously nobody is living here. Nobody is living here in one of the most densely inhabited Indian places in all of the eastern seaboard. Well as you will see in a minute there is a good reason why the island was abandoned. What location of Jamestown did proved to be a good defensive position there is little else positive to say about it. During the summer the swamplands of the island were a breeding ground for mosquitoes and the malaria that they Kerry. The water supply on the island was particularly brackish works cost so poisoning amongst our settlers during those hot summer months the water became shallow and stagnant not only did this lead to more malaria carrying mosquitoes but it also meant that the colonists wasted excrement was not being washed away this would exchange the 2 frequent outbreaks of dysentery and typhoid fever all of this would hit the sellers really heart between the subway city and the rapid disease many of the settlers become so weak that they are just completely unable to work.

With so many of the colonist now not working producing enough food quickly becomes a problem that is going to cause the colonists serious issues moving forward. Starvation during the winter becomes a real threat and is going to be something that ended up causing a great deal of misery. The most famous period of starving is going to come in the winter of 1609 and 1610 something that we are going to have an entire episode on a little while down the road. However the winter of 16 or 9 is hardly going to be the only time that food shortages are going to be problematic for the colonists. 5/4/60 no 7. That is the day the Jamestown is officially founded.

In the eyes of many this is the day that the British Empire was launched. An empire that at 1.controlled nearly a quarter of all the land on the globe. For our story Jamestown is absolutely are launching point. This week we are going to look more closely at the Indian tribes and their plans to contain the English. What they didn’t know and frankly the English may not realize is that James Turner represents the very tip of the iceberg. Though it was slow initially a trickle of colonists quickly is going to turn into a flood what begins as a single colony in Virginia in a matter of a few decades will become colonies all up and down the east coast of what’s going to become the United States. Where we are leaving them today the colonists have found a location for their new colony what none of them know yet is just how harsh the conditions are going to become. Of the 0 for settlers who may lead to Jamestown only 38 are still going to be alive just 9 months later this is going to become a reoccurring story especially in those early years survival is far from guaranteed and death really was something that was an ever present risk.

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The Political History of the World