The Political History of the World

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history of the United States – Jamestown beginning – Part i


Welcome to the Jamestown beginning. Well good news guys after spending the first several weeks messing around in the always intriguing world of sixteenth century Europe it is finally time to get to the real story as much fun as we’ve had bouncing around through the political economic and religious changes in Europe we are finally ready to begin looking at the first group of English settlers...

History of Anglo Saxons ( England) – PART I


I’d like to start with a mild piece of light to renting the dark ages. I love the phrase the dark ages. It’s a phrase first hinted at by a fourteenth century historian cold truck and finally coined in the early seventeenth century by somebody called says out of Baroness. But it’s a phrase holy despised and deplored by generations of fun sucking historians and indeed podcast is...

the history of the nineties -The Tabloid Decade – part III


 She knows that. I know she’s a liar I know she has no credibility. A gunman on the loose in a quiet coastal town by morning 22 people were dead A year later the prosecutor started looking into Joey again after one of his former employees came forward to say that Joey had bragged about having sex with Amy when she was 16. An investigation proved that he had and he was charged with nearly 20...

the history of the nineties -The Tabloid Decade – part II


Amy’s arraignments in December of 92 her lawyer logged an accusation at Joey but if you go that further inflame the situation. Eric naiburg accuse Joey of being the one who lured the teenager into prostitution he said it was Joey who took advantage of her innocence this was in court. So let’s take a minute here to catch up a teenager shot a woman in the face because she was having an...

the history of the nineties – The Tabloid Decade – Part I


On 5/19/1992 a senior at Kennedy high school in Merrick New York went to see the school nurse claiming she was sick. She was given a pass to leave school early. Instead of going home the girl had a male friend driver to a modern waterfront home in Massapequa New York.  This was the home of her 36 year old lover his wife and his 2 children. The doorbell rang just after 11:00 AM...

The Political History of the World