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the history of the nineties -The Tabloid Decade – part II


Amy’s arraignments in December of 92 her lawyer logged an accusation at Joey but if you go that further inflame the situation. Eric naiburg accuse Joey of being the one who lured the teenager into prostitution he said it was Joey who took advantage of her innocence this was in court. So let’s take a minute here to catch up a teenager shot a woman in the face because she was having an affair with her husband and in her defense her lawyer accuses the man of luring the girl into prostitution. 

This was a sign of the times. The prosecutor Fred Klein was having none of it. He said that describing Fisher as a normal team was like describing the mafia boss John Gotti as a normal businessman. Klein argued that the but if you goes we’re petrified and if the judge set ME free she might try to finish off Mary Jo. The judge set the bail at $2000000 that’s an extremely high figure in any case but for this one it seemed downright excessive. In fact it was the highest bail for attempted murder in the history of Nassau County where the crime took place. 

In comparison the belt for an accused murderer at the same time was set at $250000. You have to wonder if the media coverage somehow played into the judge’s decision. Either way there was no chance that her parents who ran a small upholstery shop could ever afford that kind of money. Amy’s lawyer though came up with a very creative solution.

In a televised interview he announced that he would give exclusive access to any Fisher and her story to any TV or movie producers who were willing to post her bail. Now just so we’re all clear here most major news organizations don’t usually engage in checkbook journalism paying for news stories but the feeding frenzy was intense and this this was on charted territory so really anything was possible. In the meantime Joey but if you go seem to go on his own publicity campaign after the bail hearing up until that point Joe we had pretty much on the media but suddenly he began to embrace the spotlight. The man who was known for bombing around town in his white Cadillac or roaring across the bay in a speedboat called double trouble started to hold court with reporters camped outside his house.

Joe we brought them sandwiches and talked at length about the situation he said he loved his wife and he denied being a needs him Gary is jury but if you go calling in this is another thing I was then Joey took it up a notch he unexpectedly called the Howard Stern radio show and for 10 minutes he chatted and joked around western. Stern asked Joey how Mary Jo was doing. Joey said she was doing a bit better and he seemed to kind of brag or complain that he was looking after his wife and running the household while she was recovering from her near death experience stern jokingly said when she realizes you were cheating on her she is going to kill you. Yeah we laughed and said Howard I wasn’t cheating on my wife I’m faithful to my wife.

Joey said in his Long Island accents I’ve been dying to be with a 37 year old girl all my life I finally got one what the hell am I going to go back with the 16 or 17 year old throwback. Joey’s own lawyer reprimanded him in the media for going on stern and he ordered him to stop talking to the press. But Joe we didn’t stop and eventually the lawyer quit the case. As the weeks dragged on Amy’s lawyers seem to be having trouble securing a deal with Hollywood producers so Amy remain behind bars while in jail Amy was given a tutor who helped her prepare for final exams so she could graduate on schedule from high school.

Yes let’s remember that at the center of this media storm was a teenage girl.

In the meantime Mary Jo agreed to sell her version of events to CBS and tristar TV who would produce a made for TV movie about the case. Merry Joe’s lawyers held a news conference and said that his client would be paid several $0 and she needed that money to pay for her mounting medical bills. Mary Jo had been left partially paralyzed from the shooting she had blurred vision and hearing loss and she needed ongoing therapy. The day after Mary Jo’s TV deal was announced came news that Amy had also signed a deal to sell her story.

KLM productions from Long Island paid $80000 in non refundable cash to help secure in his bond. The rest of the money was raised and he was released but before that happened the judge warned me to stay away from the but if you close do not contact them in any way. The but if you close were furious they tried to have Amy’s bail revoked arguing that Amy shouldn’t be allowed to profit from her crime. You see the US. has the son of Sam law which explicitly prevents criminals from selling their stories but the judge pointed out that law was for convicted felons and since Amy hadn’t been convicted yet it didn’t apply. So Amy was allowed to remain on bail television crews and newspaper photographers set up camp outside her house. Any mostly stayed inside the watching TV and playing with her dog.

Behind the scenes things were busy for Amy’s lawyer he was negotiating a plea agreement with prosecutors and he got one. Amy would plead guilty to one count of reckless assault which carries a sentence of 5 to 15 years. In exchange the prosecutor promised to consider statutory rape charges against Joey. When Amy appeared in court to plead guilty she seems somewhat contrived but she continued to insist that the shooting was an accident. Parents sat in the front row as Amy told a hushed courtroom about the day she shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco. The judge set a sentencing date for 12/1/1992. Normally this is the point in a news story when reporters would start packing up and heading home the case seems like it was pretty much over the only thing left was sentencing.

But another bombshell was dropped the very next day and once again it was logged by tabloid TV show hard copy. The show obtained surveillance video tape that showed a neat visiting her new 30 year old boyfriend Paul meekly at his gym the night before she appeared in court to plead guilty. He was allegedly paid $10000 for the video. She could be heard asking basically to marry her so they could have conjugal visits while she was in prison. Then she told make clear that she likes all the publicity she been getting because she can make a lot of money from it Amy said :

if I have to go through all the pain and suffering I’m getting a Ferrari.

The release of the video destroyed Jamie according to her lawyer she attempted suicide 2 times over the next 2 days and she had to be admitted to a psych ward. The media’s unrelenting coverage of the story and the public’s insatiable appetite for every gritty detail had finally taken its toll on the teenager. And sadly there was more to come. While she was in hospital hard copy in a 12 punch released another tape featuring Amy. This one was an audio tape that she had sent to her boyfriend Paul medically. On it she said that her father did terrible things to her and her mother look the other way. She never really elaborated on what those terrible things were. The reporter who acquired the video and audio tapes told the media that he didn’t feel responsible in any way for Amy’s mental state and attempted suicides and an executive producer from hard copies said our obligation has been and remains to cover the story as best we can at present the truth as we find it.

David camp the Vanity Fair editor we heard from earlier believes tabloid TV shows change the way society consume tabloid news. Regular TV for every American the tabloid sensibility spread much further than it ever had to use the mortar. Where people you know with. People in big cities pick up their bikini tabloids I’m used to being elected its meaning you had to choose to put down money to buy a tablet that you have to do is turn on your TV and it was clear and clear it didn’t count. So everyone saw and heard these new tapes and it was more than just embarrassing for Amy it also had legal implications the prosecutor announced in court that he was dropping the investigation into Joey Buttafuoco because Amy was an unreliable witness. I have a hard drive.

Conversation demonstrates. It is the fact that we. And revolting. I would never put her on the witness stand on those circumstances in his defense lawyer Eric Nyberg said the prosecutor had betrayed their trust to him it sent a message to all parents that if you have a 16 year old daughter it’s okay for a man twice her age to use her for his own sexual gratification. On sentencing day there were long lines of people hoping to get a seat inside the courtroom as each of the main characters in this drama made their way into court they had to push their way through a sea of cameramen photographers and reporters from as far away as Japan France importer Rico.

Before the judge handed down his sentence Amy apologized to the court for what she did. Leaning against her lawyer with tears in her eyes she said she wished she could take it all back. When she was done talking the judge ripped into Amy for what she did for many months you had stalled Mary Jo Buttafuoco like a wild animal store locations press. Motivated by lust and passion your walking stick of dynamite with the fuse let the judge sentenced Amy to between 5 and 15 years in prison Amy’s mom burst into tears as the now 18 year old was led handcuffed from the courtroom. Mary Jo was also in court that day it was the first time she had seen Amy since the shooting she was given an opportunity to make a statement my 2 beautiful children by having a difficult time leaving me alone.

They are afraid I might not be there when they get home from school they have been severely traumatized by this event and this to me is the greatest tragedy of rule all this damage by someone who still shows absolutely no remorse for her actions. More than a dozen of Mary Jo’s family members were in the courtroom to show their support by Joey Buttafuoco didn’t attend the sentencing at a news conference later that day he continued to deny having an affair with Amy Amy Fisher is a liar. And has Zero credibility.

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